12 Jan

on Desember 19th, 2008 09:45

Good morning Mina. Let me try to describe what VPN is. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Until now there has always been a clear division between public and private networks. A public network, like the public telephone system and the internet, is a large collection of unrelated peers that exchange information more or less freely with each other. The people with access to the public network may or may not have anything in common, and any given person on that network may only communicate with a small fraction of his potential users. A private network is composed of computers owned by a single organization such as Badiklat Dephan that share information specifically with each other. They’re assured that they are going to be the only ones using the network, and that information sent between them will only be seen by others in the group. The typical corporate LAN Pusdiklat Bahasa or WAN Badiklat is an examples of a private network. The line between a private and public network has always been drawn at the gateway router, where a company will erect a firewall to keep intruders from the public network out of the private network, or to keep their own internal user from perusing the public network. A virtual private network(VPN) is a way to simulate a private network over a public network, such as the internet. It is called “virtual” because it depends on the use of virtual connections-that is temporary connections that have no real physical presence, but consist of packets routed over various machines/computers on the Internet. Secure virtual connections are created between two machines, a machine and a network, or two networks. Using the Internet for remote access saves a lot of money. We will be able to dial in whenever our Internet service provider(ISP) has a point-of-presence(POP). If we choose an ISP with nationwide POPs, there’s a good chance our LAN will be a local phone call anyway. Ok Mina, I know that you will be AAELC ‘ student next year . It is a good chance for you to increase your capability in teaching. Using IP phone, although you are in Australia, we still can communicate each other. Good luck !!. For everybody I would like to say Marry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009.



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