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Sistem Informasi Kepegawaian

9 Dec

Lala : Good morning Rafi, I’m Lala, from Personnel section. We were from the same class in Latprajab. By the way I read the personnel list for having the promotion, but I couldn’t find your name. What happened to you, Rafi? Did you do something wrong before.

Rafi : Are you sure?

L : I need your help, would you help remind your staff personnel to complete all qualification of document because I couldn’t reach them.

R : Well, I think it’s possible for me because I don’t have any “MOS”, yet, even I’ve been in my unit for seven years.
And many of my friends have no opportunity in getting “MOS”.

I have no idea, what happened in my unit. Because almost every year I do my boss order in doing my main task in region, so I think they thought I’m away.

Can I use my English course as “MOS”?

L : I don’t think so. I’m so sorry.

R : I’m sorry too.

L : Thank you very much. See you around.

R : Bye. See you around.

Story above could happen to anyone, and might be you have worse story.

Nowadays, we are busy with our SISFOBADIKLAT; in my point of view, we haven’t paid our attention to SISTEM INFORMASI KEPEGAWAIAN (SIK).

I think we could insert the SISFO KEPEGAWAIAN (SIK) to answer the problem of the story above. We can start with “database” which could process a data or and information in general (in administration of personnel). In general SIK offers us: entering data, updating data, and to generalize specific report of personnel. In SIK application provides data base of structural job, data of professionalism, data base of transferring of government official to a new post, database of DP3, database of functional job, and database of the alert of promotion time. In technical, SIK is built by database management of Clipper 5.2 and Microsoft Access 97, which operates with DOS and Windows. We could run Visual Basic and MS Access Database Program.

The writer wants to give some ideas/thought about.