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15 Aug
  1. Taqwa, meaning belief in and to Almighty God.
  2. Ing Ngarsa Sung Tulada, which means setting good examples to subordinates.
  3. Ing Madya Mangun Karsa, which is to promote courage actively amongest subordinates.
  4. Tut Wuri Handayani, meaning to influence and induce subordinates from behin.
  5. Waspada Purba Wisesa, which is to be alert and able to correct subordinates.
  6. Ambeg Parama Artha, which is the ability to correctly set priorities.
  7. Prasaja, meaning simplicity in all actions.
  8. Satya, which means reciprocal loyalty, from superiors, as well as laterally.
  9. Gemi Nastiti, which is simplicity and the ability to limit used and expenditure to those considered most necessary.